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3 Ways to Inspire Workplace Wellness

On 1 May, we celebrate Workers Day with a holiday and the value of workers and their contribution is recognised but it also raised the question of how, as a business,  can we continue to value workers throughout the year.

One sure way to invest in employees is through the concept of workplace wellness.To promote wellness within companies not only increases productivity due to high energy levels but reduces the cost of unwell days due to less absenteeism and ensures employees are looking after themselves and are in good health.

We now explore the value of wellness and the three ways to inspire the wellness of employees in any company. A key to implementing this wellness program is to value it and have a good intention behind it – it’s not only to save money but to help your employees achieve maximum health benefits.

What is a wellness program?

A wellness program in a company is about having a plan in place that promotes the well being or health of employees through various initiatives. The program should include education or guidance to create positive change. Wellness includes various aspects of health not only physical but also mental and financial.

Why is a wellness program important?

Encouraging healthy behaviours of physical activities and healthy eating, is a preventative measure to reduce stress levels and has long term benefits for both the company and its people. Employees are assets. High levels of stress can often result in job dissatisfaction, tired employees and mental fatigue which will affect the performance of any company.

There are many ways to inspire wellness but we will only share three of these ways.

1. Team building days
Team building days can build morale and outdoors has great benefits for employees’ health and wellness. Why not enter a race as a team and encourage each other along the route. It will enhance the fitness aspect of wellness and get the team to work better together. Create a team challenge to drink more glasses of water or take the stairs instead of the lift. Office chair races could even be one of the fun activities to include. Monitor and track the progress.

2. Incentives for employees
To get the wellness program started it will also take some incentives at first. A company can subsidise a gym membership or event a fitness device to track the activity done or even partner with a club or gym. If the company does not have the funding, an afternoon or morning off can also be used for each employee who completed a race.

3. Nutrition advice
Nutrition is important for energy levels and to decrease fatigue levels. Bring in a speaker for quick meal solutions and healthy snacking at work as an option or alternatively re-look the catering in company office when meetings are held or at the canteen and replace that with healthier options. Juice bars can also be added as an alternative to canteen food.
“Replace the ‘I’ of illness with ‘We’ and you get wellness “

Finally, don’t let a wellness program just be another tick box to achieve but make it a priority as a team. If wellness becomes part of your culture in the company then so will higher performance and results. Communicate and get feedback from the employees on what they want and are willing to do to make the company a better place to work at , you can read more about ways to create a culture of engaged employees here

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