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Get Started with a Wellness Program for the Workplace

Wellness is not only about physical health but the mental and emotional well-being of people. When establishing a wellness program for your team, make sure to include and to cover all of these areas in the strategy.

Why is a culture of wellness important for business?

A wellness culture in a business, not only reduces absenteeism but lowers medical costs and increases the productivity levels of employees. The more mentally, emotionally and physically well people feel and the more energized they are, they are likely to do more and become solution finders in their roles.

However, a culture shift always begins with the leadership. As a business leader, it is important to emphasize the value of wellness and the best way to do this is to align the strategy into the business values and to lead by example.

To get started … Start with identifying what needs exist in your team. A good starting point for a wellness program strategy is research. Research what is needed by the team before setting up a wellness program. The best method is to start with a wellness survey.  The benefit of this is that the team may be physically fit but emotionally and mentally stressed. A survey helps to ensure that your strategy and program is the right fit for the team.

What wellness program strategy is required for the workplace?

When setting up a wellness program, make sure to cover two areas of responsibility to make this a success. A personal or individual plan for wellness and the business wellness plan. Each of these areas should have a process in place for accountability.

A Personal Employee Wellness plan can include the following:

  • Build breaks throughout your day
  • Laugh and have a fun moment during your day
  • Discuss a strategy for Work-Life Balance with your Manager.

A Company/Business Wellness plan can include the following:

  • Re-looking at the flexible working hours option or working hours
  • Encouraging healthy food choices by having better food suppliers and available options at the canteen/food areas.
  • Start an email campaign to motivate employees and link it with rewards.
  • Host an internal office competition linked to the wellness plan.
  • Include activities offered to employees during lunch hours – not only will the team move but it enhances team building collaboration and team cohesiveness.

These are a few ways to get your wellness plan started and to create a culture of wellness in the business. Remember, after the program has been implemented to make sure that you measure the success of the program, the Total Wellness Blog mentions 7 key metrics to look at.

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