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Five reasons for investing in training

Training employees in business is an expense and the time out of the office may also seem inconvenient to an employer. However, training does impact the productivity of employees and the return on investment in positive ways.

“What if I train people and they leave? What if you do not train people and they stay”

Companies often say that people are the most important asset in business but the only way that employees will verify that as the truth, is through the business training and investment in learning.

Training employees is important for every business because it is an investment in the people who invest their lives into building a profitable business.

Here are a few reasons why investing in training is important:

  1. Employee Satisfaction: Employees who feel appreciated and who know the business is helping them to add more skills to their career path, has a positive impact on the individual. A  salary is not always rewarding for an employee who appreciates learning and growth.
  2. Innovation: New ways of thinking and creative ideas are stimulated through training which enables employees to think differently about their work and bring more valuable ideas to work which feeds innovative new products for the business.
  3. Productivity: Employees who are more skilled at what they do can work smarter and more effectively on tasks that previously took longer to perform and they can get more done in a day.
  4. Retention: Employees are less likely to leave an organisation that they know will help them to develop and grow in skills and knowledge. Retaining employees reduces costs too as the cost in energy and resources to hire and train a new employee who still needs time to learn the job will impact the business.
  5. Cost of mistakes: Mistakes made on the job can be due to what you can an unconscious incompetence, which means that employees making the mistakes may be unaware of the mistakes. This could be fixed with training and closing the gaps with awareness and knowledge. Training is a good solution to fix to prevent a long-term problem.

The solution is training employees leads to benefits for both the employer and the employee and impacts business profitability and the economy of the country which reduces poverty.

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