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The value of women in the workplace

In August, each year in South Africa, we celebrate women.

Gender diversity and Women on the boards of companies is one of the most prevalent topics in the Human Resources space. To better understand how to build a team that thrives, it is important to first understand the importance and value that woman bring to the team and workplace.

The Centre for Creative Leadership discuss in their post about research that indicates that having woman on boards can increase the financial performance of a company.

Areas of value that women contribute to the team and the workplace:

  • Balance: Woman are generally known as the care givers to children and handle responsibility at work and at home. Woman often have family commitments to be home earlier to look after the needs of their children which makes longer working hours in the office impossible, this does help promote the culture of balance in the workplace, that family is important for each individual and should be a priority for healthy employees and wellness at work.
  • Communication: Woman promote communication in the workplace and do have an extraordinary skill when it comes to confrontation and bringing up topics for discussion that need to be heard.
  • Emotional Intelligence: Woman are known to be more inclined to the“Softer” issues such as emotional intelligence and sensitivity to emotions in the workplace. Emotional intelligence can be learned for every employee but woman bring both positive and negative emotions awareness into the workplace. Emotions make for skillful marketers and advertising of products or services.
  • Cultural Interests: Woman also bring more cultural aspects such as music, theatre, creativity and art into the work environment. This interest brings diversity to teams and the way that people look at the world and different conversations.
  • Target Audiences: A better way to understand your customers who are female is having the insight on your team. Statistically there are more women in the world therefore the target market is greater.

This post is a general awareness observation of what woman do bring to the workplace, let us celebrate the value of each employee and especially celebrating the value of woman at work.

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