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Considerations Leaders make when choosing a strategic HR Partner

A Strategic Human Resources Partner is a role and has expertise and knowledge to align the company strategy and the human capital potential within an organisation. The role of a strategic HR Partner involves getting results through bringing about change to improve the business outcomes with the help of human capital and specific solutions.

The Creative HRM blog explains the valuable strategic function of HR by describing the role in terms of HR service delivery, effective HR processes, Customers and Leadership and is worthwhile reading.

Choosing a long-term strategic HR partner makes business sense for the growth of any business because both partners are working towards the same goals and helping the organization grow by uplifting the employees and increasing profitability of the organization.

An HR strategic partner should add to your business bottom line by planning with the business to engage with the human capital in the business to perform better, enhance the culture of the company and increase productivity whilst being the best company to work for.

Outlined below are a few key aspects to consider as a business leader, when choosing the right strategic partner for your company growth:

  • Communication

Ongoing Communication in all aspects including the direction of the business and the strategy. The HR partner needs to be informed on the business and where it is going to add value.

  • Decision Making

Be part of the decision making on a leadership level, so that both the employees benefit and the business can grow, these discussions are crucial for hiring and selection.

  • Commitment

A partner needs to have the commitment to excellence and growth in order to add value.

  • Expertise

Understanding each other allows you to be proactive to the needs of the partnership before a crisis arises and partnering is a solution for growth as a strategic HR Partner has the expertise to implement best practices.

  • Trust

Trust must exist between the leadership team and the strategic HR partner in order to establish a good relationship foundation. This however takes time but credibility of the strategic partner can fast-track this process.

In any partnership, it is vital to assess on an ongoing basis where you are at and what progress you are making towards the goals of the organisation. Make sure to keep open communication and even have an HR Strategic partner scorecard to rate the level of performance and to keep a gauge on how you are performing and ensure continuous levels of improvement.

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