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Human Resources: A Strategic Approach

Every growing company has a need for a Human Resource Manager and a high-quality team. In the past, the Human Resources (HR) department would be  seen as an administrative role but as technology has improved and the needs of employees have shifted and companies grow, it is a requirement for an HR department to become more strategic in their approach in order to engage and assist each employee to develop within the company.

The Human Resources director needs to be actively involved in the executive decision making and understand every aspect of the business then follow through with an implementation strategy. People in a business are the most important assets. The employees, when well trained, engaged and growing their skillset can bring value to the brand reputation and increase the profitability.

An interesting fact via PWC online CEO survey, is that“60% of CEO’ are rethinking their HR functions.”

This statistic clearly indicates that each HR manager needs to get their team to adapt to the changes in business and play a more strategic role. Dave Ulrich explains unique insights for an HR transformation process in this video called: “The four steps to HR Transformation”.

The HR function in today’s fast changing business environment should focus on the following areas:

Manage Talent

Each company have employees with unique skillsets, however to keep growing the organisation it is important to retain top talent and manage the existing talent to grow with the company.

Tools and Technology 

Technology can add value to the HR function by minimizing time wasted on repetitive tasks by taking over that function and allowing the HR department to strategically use that time to invest in employee training and career development.

Design Thinking

An HR manager can add value by using design thinking to create simple processes and implement a strategy that will enhance the employee experience throughout the business.

Position your team in the business to know the employee and find solutions to not only meet the needs of the business but align the needs of the business with the development needs of each employees.

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