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The Formula for Successful Sales

” Sales is an opportunity to solve a problem” 

Selling is certainly not the easiest job in the world but with the right formula you can achieve success.

Let’s begin by defining the three key words: “Formula, Success & Sales”.

Webster’s Dictionary describes a Formula as “a plan or method for doing, making or achieving something, a process of putting together a list of required ‘ingredients’ in order to achieve a certain ‘outcome'”.

What are some of these so called key ingredients you may ask?

Well, firstly in sales you need a Product or Service with specific design qualities & features. It stands to reason that the higher the product quality the higher the chances of a successful sale.

Secondly, you need an established Market, this comprises of an existing client base from an up-to-date existing data base as well as potential customers, as attracted by marketing media channels i.e. such as television, online, radio, internet, social media, advertising campaigns not to mention the most powerful form of advertising which is still ‘word of mouth’.

The purpose of advertising campaigns is also to create a demand for the need, want or desire of the product or service.

The product goes through a manufacturing cycle and series of activities or processes and after that the product moves to the distributor i.e. wholesaler and/or retailer, where it is presented for sale and demonstration, this is commonly known as the value chain.

Let’s break it down, what does both success and sales mean? 

Success means different things to different people but in this specific sales context simply put, Success is the attainment of a pre-set objective or goal within the given time parameters. Ultimately, to be successful in sales means sustained success over the long term anything shorter than this can be regarded as a ‘fluke’ or a flash in the pan. Champion sales people, have the ability to get repeat sales on a consistent basis.

Sales is a process and there are many phases or steps that need to take place before a sale is concluded. The process starts whereby goods, services or products is moved from distributor to end user or consumer through a means of successful negotiation, usually executed by the sales person who interacts with the customer and who arrives at agreed conclusions and after finalizing a price the customer will pay for the product and confirms the sale by either signing a document or transferring funds to the distributor or retailer.

These key concepts ‘ Formula, Success and Sales ‘ are explained but what  exactly is this Formula for Successful Sales?

The formula for successful sales = highly motivated + correct sales techniques + excellent product knowledge + workable system + quality product + quality after sales service.

Highly motivated individuals with thorough product knowledge and that are trained well and apply the correct sales techniques that includes successful prospecting ( gathering a quality database of potential clients as well as handling sales inquiries via the internet, phone or walk in customers ) and are able to ask open and closed questions in order to identify the customers’ needs, wants, desires and meet their expectations, by instilling confidence into the mind of the potential buyer and overcome objections and use the opportunity to turn product features into customer benefits through adequate product presentations and demonstrations will ultimately ‘close of the sale’

Sales can be measured in numbers but it can also be measured by repeat business and referrals from loyal customers who have become brand advocates for you, your product and your company, and thereby turning the sales cycle into Sales Success Mastery!

Author:  Glynn Wasserfall  (2016)




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