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Consider these aspects in the Recruitment Process

We often hear that employees are the most important resource in your company, they can either add value by being productive and creative or create more work by being counter-productive.  It is crucial that companies hire right and place the right candidates who are skilled and who will bring their best contribution to the company. In this article we look at 3 areas of importance when it comes to the recruitment process by covering the following insights:

  1.  What to consider before recruiting a candidate

Hiring right can ensure that you not only have the best skilled candidate but the quality of your service will be of a high standard and your customers experience better service levels.  Make sure that the candidate you will choose also fits into the culture of the organisation. An Assessment Centre can be used to test the employees’ skills in different tasks in order to determine the preference of behaviour for each candidate. However if you want to improve the recruitment process make sure of the following: have a well written job description, choose to also take into consideration behaviours over skills to best fit the culture, do proper reference checking, ask  effective questions in the interview process and hire a candidate with an excellent foundation. For more information on each of these 5 areas mentioned you can read more here.

  1. What to avoid during the recruitment process

The recruitment process is challenging and employers still struggle to place the right employee in the job available often due inexperienced Human Resource personnel that do not follow the correct procedure or in a small company, when there is no Human Resources department. Errors due to this can lead to high staff turnover and unnecessary costs. Below are a few errors to avoid in the recruitment process:

  • During interviews avoid inconsistencies in the questions asked by keeping the job analysis in mind and have a structured process in place that is consistent for all candidates.
  • During the selection process avoid bias, choose candidates based on skills and experience and not only personality.
  • Make sure that Psychometric testing or an Assessment centre is used in the process.
  1. How to quickly gain value from new employees

Once a candidate is recruited, it is important to fast track the on-boarding process, equip the new employees with the resources and skills in order to succeed quickly. This process will entail a few key steps to equip new employees. Start with an induction process for employees to get comfortable with the culture of the company, this means gaining knowledge, skills and behaviours in order to be part of the team.  Introduce the employee to the network of co-workers to enable them to gain information from more people in the company. Book the new employee on training for the various systems and procedures in the company. Lastly, start the employee on their first project but guide them throughout the work task to ensure a high quality output.

 The recruitment process is a vital part of every business, be sure to understand the various areas to ensure your company has the best people and culture in place.  Contact ATA Placements  for trained candidates.

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