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Get your energy back: 5 ways to manage mental fatigue

Stress is something we experience on a daily basis and if it is not managed and it can lead to mental fatigue.

Mental fatigue is described by Better Health USA  as an over-activity of the brain that causes lack of concentration, lower productivity, errors at work and lack of motivation. The cause of mental fatigue can be due to high stress levels, grief, depression and working long hours without much rest.

To be productive and a high performer, high energy levels and motivation is important.

Get your energy back and start your journey toward better mental health and a recovery from mental fatigue with the following tips:

  1. Keep moving

Moving is one of the best ways to get more energy. You may feel like you are too tired to exercise but moving can boost your energy levels. Go for a walk, the outdoors will help you reframe your day.

For HR Managers make sure to implement a wellness strategy in your team to keep employees active and moving more often and not sitting for hours at their desk for work.

  1. Rethink your drink

Keep hydrated throughout your workday, replace all sugar drinks like tea or coffee with water. Your body needs the water to function well. In the office, have a filter water tank and a sign to indicate the amount of sugar in the various drinks. Less sugar is the healthy option and will not make you as tired.

  1. Down-time

Get at least 7 hours sleep daily to help your brain recover from the decision making and over thinking process. Less is not more in this case. Limit time spent on technology and take a time-out.

  1. Shift your focus

Your thoughts can either help you or hurt you. Make sure to focus on what you can control and let go of the uncontrollable areas. Keep perspective and have a positive outlook in each situation. If you find yourself over thinking then contact someone to share your thoughts and find out how they handle each difficult challenge for a solution.

“Where focus goes, energy flows – Tony Robbins

  1. Relax

Take time to relax and go on a holiday to shift your perspective and re-energise. Often times, a change of scenery and place can assist you to appreciate life and worry less.

Contact A.T.A for a wellness strategy for your business or speak to one of our Industrial Psychologists about a plan for your team to become more productive at work.

Written by  Lead Your Brand Communications




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