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Understand Your Team’s Learning Style for Performance

A manager’s job is not an easy one, it requires that you understand your team and how they will learn and take in information, a learning style will impact the training. Managers need to know how the team absorbs information especially for on the job training as it will impact the team performance.

Do you know the learning style of each individual in your team?

The learning styles are important for both management and the employee to understand, as these styles influence how an employee will learn during on the job training. There are different models of learning styles that exist. Identify the learning style of each team member to enhance the productivity and performance of the team.

Learning Style

Here are nine of the learning styles that exist:

Learning Styles:

1. The Visual learner requires visual aids (graphical and pictures representation)
2. The Auditory learner needs to recite back and hear the information.
3. The Kinesthetic (hands on activity): the learner needs to participate and be involved in the learning, has to be interactive.
4. The Linguistic learner will need to read, write, listen and then speak.
5. The Naturalist learner requires experiences to absorb knowledge.
6. The Musical learner requires music or rhythm, any background music is helpful to this learner.
7. The Logical learner needs to categorize items and understand numbers, patterns and relationships.
8. The Interpersonal learner learns by relating to others and works best in a team to share ideas and they are natural team players.
9. The Intrapersonal learner works well when they are working alone. They are goal and task orientated and do not need supervision.

A one method approach will not work in a team with a variety of learning styles. Every manager who wants to enhance the team performance should understand what learning style will work best and is best suited to each team member increase the speed of the learning curve in a business for growth and most importantly connect with your team.

A.T.A has industrial psychologists that can assist business to identify the team’s learning styles and close the gap between management and employees for productivity.

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