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Identify the “Leader without the Title” in your Team

The real leaders in a team are not the ones with the title. In this article we explore the ways that you can identify who has the potential to be a leader in your team.

“A boss has the title, but the leader has the people”

Have you ever watched survivor the reality television show and wondered who the real leader in the game was?

Leaders are important in business and life as they inspire people to move forward and take people on a journey to get to a desired destination.

Work Ethic versus Performance

It is not always the performer who is the best person for the job, the performer may be skilled in the work given but may not be skilled when it comes to leading a team to get them to high performance. However, a leader should have a good work ethic and the ability to do the job well.

Stepping up in the role

Projects are a great way to see who the leader in the group is, the leader will be the one making decisions first and guiding the way forward. The leader will also take responsibility once the decision has been made, knowing they are accountable for the decision. Stepping up takes courage and this is a true sign of a leader.

Skills for the role 

Leaders need certain skills to perform well in a leadership role, especially when they lead people.  Identify leaders by the way that they treat people in stressful times and how they handle challenges and confront challenges. If the person values relationships and invests time in people, they have the ability to lead people. People will only be led by someone they trust and who makes the time to understand them better and who is emotionally intelligent.

Communication is also a skill that you can look out for in a leader, how often does the person communicate with others in the team. Leaders need to constantly communicate with their teams to guide them along the way. Can the person communicate a plan well enough for people to follow.

Inspiring in nature

Leaders are also known for leading by example, they often the people who do things first and who inspire others to do better, almost in a coaching style. They are very encouraging people who do their best to get the job done. If others feel inspired around them, this is usually a good indication of their leadership ability. They get everyone working together with one goal in mind. They have character and live what they believe to be true and show resilience in tough situations.

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