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Ways to keep the productivity levels high during the winter

Winter days may feel so much longer than the summer days and the energy levels is much lower in the office during this cold season. Here are a few solutions to help you to improve the productivity levels during the cold days:

Exercise and Nature

Exercising not only warms up your body but it also improves your mood, productivity and energy levels. As a company, you can arrange an active event for your team as part of the company wellness strategy. At A.T.A on a quarterly basis, the company arranges a Parkrun event for all of the staff to attend on a specific date, this not only improves the energy levels of each individual but it also helps to get the team to re-connect in a relaxed and social environment outdoors. This drive also supports our community.

Light and Warmth

Make sure the office environment has outdoor light in it and is on a warm temperature, this way the employees will feel warm and the light in the room helps to keep the energy levels up.

Reduce Mental Stress

As a company, you can provide support for employees by offering counseling or coaching as part of the wellness program to make sure that emotionally, employees can experience positive emotions. As a company you can arrange talks once a month about different ways to deal with emotions and even conflict in the workplace. These are all areas that cause stress for employees.


Light or soft classical or jazz music in an office can also enhance the mood of the office and create a more relaxing environment if it is a high performance and stressful environment. The music helps to keep the atmosphere calm.


The ‘out of routine initiatives’ or office activities planned for the team can also create more energy and excitement. Have your wellness team plan an activity that is unrelated to work and that is all about the employee. Not only are you investing in your employees but it creates more loyalty when employees realise that they are valued and appreciated for you they are.

Contact A.T.A for an employee wellness program or training solutions that can assist your team to be more productive.

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