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The Journey Towards Goal Achievement

journey of goal achievement

How are you doing with your New Year’s Resolutions?  We have a strong hunch that you have given up on your goal achievement. Whatever the reason, it’s true that we never seem to be able to stick to our resolutions…

But is it okay to keep on failing year in and year out? Definitely not! To be truly happy we need a vision or goal, or resolutions to improve. The impact of never reaching set goals can result in a negative self-esteem, which is feeling unworthy and possibly even lead to other problems like depression and substance abuse.

What are these factors that contribute to us not reaching our set goals? Often, we are unrealistic as to the expectations we set for ourselves. Managing a work-life-balance has become a major challenge in life today.

Attainable goals involve knowing the difference between a result-orientated goal and activity-orientated goal. According to Shane Murphy, a well-known sports psychologist, “results-orientated goals often set us up for failure because the time taken to see the result is too long”.

“Focus on the journey, rather than on the results”.

Real progress requires action-orientated goals. Manageable steps along the journey, that leads to the desired result. Remember that action orientated-goals should always be stated in positive terms, with rewards – not desires. Here is an example: Result required: weight loss Instead of telling yourself “eat less”, rather say “eat more healthily” and  this can be broken down into small day-to-day changes and can be revised as often as necessary.

How does this benefit you? Firstly, you begin to grow accustomed to success & build confidence in yourself. Secondly, if you fail to reach a particular goal, the chances of you giving up are less likely. Instead you will learn from the failure, adapt by resorting to more creative ideas and move on. Remember to congratulate yourself as you go along.

Small things do matter. Employees should be able to attain the small goals and then will bigger organisational goals be reached. A.T.A offers assistance in Employee Wellness programmes and Emotional Intelligence. Contact us for further information.

Tips & Tools:

  • Set a number of small goals that can most likely be reached.
  • Set attainable  and realistic goals
  • Stay committed
  • Reward and congratulate yourself on the results achieved.




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