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Investing in the Future: Corporate Social Responsibility

A.T.A as a company is focused on our community and as part of the Corporate Social Responsibility we identified a nursery school, as education is a cause that is close to our hearts. Over the years, we have donated supplies and invested time to assist the school. Our commitment yearly is to improve the quality of their school experience and contributing to adding value to the future responsible citizens. On 20 September 2019, the interns of A.T.A had met with the personnel of the school to learn more of their story.

Giving Back 2019

The school is called Pinocchio and was started 53 years ago by a kind-hearted lady called Marie who started looking after children in their own home when the parents of those children couldn’t.

“Always let your conscience be your guide.”

Suddenly, they were looking after 30 children, and in 1967 they applied to be registered as a daycare. In 1993, the Pinocchio registered as a private pre-primary school. They currently look after children from birth to the age of 6 years. They have 16 employees in total, consisting of teachers, cleaners, assistants, a chef, and their admin personnel. The school is said to be the oldest school in the community, and the only one which is fully registered. Some grand- parents who bring their grandchildren, have also been in Pinocchio.

The theme for the school was suggested in 1994 by the department of education: “we care”. Their vision is treating children with love and respect and a vision we support as a Knowledge and Training Company.

On the 8thof November 2019, we will host a Christmas party at the school in celebration and support of what they do for the community.

Written by Amanda Rautenbach (Psychology Intern 2019)




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