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The benefit of more moments that FLOW

Have you ever experienced a moment that takes you to a place where you are so focused on a task that and the time goes by so quickly?

A moment where you feel inspired, challenged yet motivated and you are oblivious to all the distractions around you?

This experience is what psychologist Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi has termed the FLOW STATE.

This state of flow is what each one of us should seek in our life on a daily basis. More moments where you are mindful of the present and absorbed in what you are doing with clarity and focus.

Professional sports people often experience this state of flow. It enables them to achieve high performance.

However, there are requirements that make this flow state possible, to name a few:

  • The activity or task requires a certain skill level or competence but should still be challenge.
  • The goal of the activity or task needs to be clear
  • Immediate feedback is required to understand how you are making progress
  • The activity or task should interest the person

As a manager and leader, when you understand your team and know who they are as individuals, you are better equipped to give them tasks or activities that are best suited to their interests, you can provide feeback often and make sure that the goals are clear, and this will also help them achieve this state of flow for more productivity.

There are many benefits of having more people on the team in a state of flow are:

  • Inner motivation to work
  • Higher performance on the job and a more positive mindset
  • Personal development and growth that may lead to happiness
  • A stronger feeling of competence which leads to more confidence at work and in their jobs.

A good book to read more on the subject is from Steven Kotler called the “The Rise of Superman: Decoding the Science of Ultimate Human Performance”and he explains various triggers for the state of flow.

 “Choose a job you love & you’ll never work a day in your life”, this is what Flow is all about.  

If you haven’t had this opportunity in your life to find that job, you can still create “Flow state moments” into your day by doing more of the things you love. Volunteer for projects you would love to be part of and find the experiences that you are competent in but that you still need to master.

Being in a flow state is about having a positive mindset and living in the present moment with gratitude that you can work on tasks that interest you and build your skill level.

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