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Fast Track Your Own Career Growth

Each New Year brings with it countless opportunities to grow and develop personally, the best way to ensure that you are intentional about career growth is to set goals that will help you on this journey and action these goals by following your plan.

Goal setting and writing down your personal career goals is one of the best ways to help you on your career journey.

We all require direction in our careers and by setting your goals ahead of time, knowing where you would like to be, by the end of the year and having a plan of action is one way to fast track your career.

Whatever your goals are, perhaps to enhance your skills or get a promotion – it does require a plan and goals. The acronym “SMART” is often used with goal setting and a good way to make sure that your career goals can be achieved. ‘SMART stands for Specific, Measurable, Action, Reward and Time. Here is a better explanation of each of these used for setting goals and how it applies to your career:

Be Specific about what you intend to achieve, if you would like to fast track your career and increase your knowledge then research courses to attend, go online and read blogs that are in line with your career goals and objectives. Speak to people who have been where you are going but most importantly the key is to write down exactly what you want to achieve.

Measureable means that you are able to keep track of where you are on your career path. The best way to help you measure your results is by having a mentor. A mentor will keep you accountable and guide you along your goal setting plan and the relationship you develop will also be meaningful.

Action is all about making sure that the goals you have set are going to happen, you will need to take specific actions each week to move you closer to your goal. The plan should be detailed and state exactly what you will do to make this happen. One of the ways is to book time in your diary each week for personal learning. Send your plan to your mentor who can guide you and hold you accountable.

Rewarding goals are motivating. Rewards are a way to reinforce your behaviour and create momentum that will move you forwards.  Learning is rewarding but if you need extra motivation then assign points in your plan where you reward yourself for your commitment to your goals and  to keep you motivated.

Time – based goals are vital. Once you have set the goal, make sure that you allocate time with the exact dates to go on the courses and read books on the subject and field of knowledge you want to increase.

A goal is what you want to achieve but a plan is the way that you will get there.

If you are unsure of where you are heading in terms of your career, A.T.A can assist with career testing by doing three tests (personality, interests and cognitive testing) and will provide a feedback report based on the results.  May the year ahead be a rewarding one with career growth.

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