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The Value of Diversity Management in the Workplace

This month in South Africa, we are celebrating Heritage Day which reminds us that we are all different in culture, beliefs and traditions. This is what makes us unique and a nation that has more spirit and strength. As a nation are able to embrace cultures and diversity management.

Diversity management brings value to the workplace in the following ways:

Better Solutions

When coming up with a solution to a need or challenge, different backgrounds, cultures, viewpoints and thinking will help to promote creativity and people will see the challenge or need from various perspectives and differing angles to find better solutions.

Customer Profiling

From a marketing and customer perspective, the more diversity in your teams the better you are able to relate to and understand various customers and their customer profiles to understand how to create the best fit in marketing your product or service. Employees in your company will be more skilled when it comes to addressing or communicating with customers from different backgrounds and cultures and can give insight so that stereo-typing can be avoided.

Global Communication

Many companies operate in international markets and workplace diversity is becoming more of a need and an advantage in today’s global business environment. Companies that value diversity and build on diversity in the workplace will have an advantage when communicating across borders.

Team Learning

Employees in a diverse team will also experience more learning and growth from each other because the team will not only complement each other on strengths and weaknesses but each employee has the opportunity to be exposed to new ideas and challenged to think about work in new ways.

Leadership Priority

Only once leadership embraces diversity and makes it an organisational priority will the true benefits be seen. A practical ways to implement and better manage diversity is through understanding and this can be done by training. Diversity training can enhance team morale because there is awareness through training that everyone is valued and there is no superior group in the company.

The next step is recruitment and recruiting for a diverse team.

If you want to embrace diversity in your company and understand it better Contact A.T.A for Diversity Training that covers and helps employees become aware of the various factors manifested as discrimination and gives tools to counter discrimination as well as promote a culture of equality.

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