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The 3 Ways to Influence a Company Culture

To shape behavior in organizations it is important to consider the culture of the organization, as this explains the pattern of behavior and the way that people get things done in the business and deliver work.

Culture is defined as the “way we do things” then the quote by Aristole “we are what we repeatedly do” is quote relevant to business.

Culture communicates what a company values, through the actions of each individual employee that forms part of the company. These values play a role in the shaping behavior and have a role to play in employee engagement, performance and even the reputation of a company. The tale-tell signs of whether or not the company has a positive culture is the type of people who work there and the rate of employee turnover.

“Culture is driven by leadership. How leaders behave, what they say, and what they value drives culture – Torben Rick”

What influences the company culture? Is it only processes and structure that matter or is it the leadership, who model the behavior? If so, how can leaders influence or shift the organizational culture for better performance and how can companies create a better culture?

Firstly, to answer this, it’s important to understand what factors influence the company culture.  Creating a High Performance culture is ideal for any company to succeed and grow. An interesting post to read is on the 10 Key Elements in Creating a High Performance .

However, specific ways that companies can create a better company culture is through the induction or on-boarding process, leadership communication and a rewards program.

On-boarding Program

The on-boarding process should involve a program for new employees, to help them better understand the way that the organization does things and what is acceptable behavior so that new employees can gain clarity on the way that the company works and to understand their role more clearly and how exactly it fits into the company strategy. Recruitment and Selection however is the first step to successfully selecting employees that are a good fit in the organization.

Leadership Communication

Leadership has influence and with consistent leadership communication about the values, strategic goals, actions and acceptable behaviours the culture of the company is more easily accepted and practiced. Leaders must lead by example and live the values for the a better culture. Consistent clear communication is vital and also to receive feedback from employees makes the communication flow of the organization better.

Rewards Program

A rewards program implemented can also assist employees to understand what behaviours and actions are accepted in the company and also play a role in shifting the behavior of people in the organization. By understanding what motivates people, it will help leaders to manage the culture shift. Reward employees with their contribution, to celebrate the culture. For example, if problem solving and innovation are valued in the business then this should be rewarded and celebrated.

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