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The 5 reasons why career progression is important

The best kind of employees are employees that take their career growth into their own hands and who realize that they need to take the next step forward to grow themselves, their skill sets and to earn more based on the value they bring to the company. They know that no one else is going to plan their career path for them.

Career progression is important for every employee and organization, here are a the fives reasons we believe why…

  1. Time and Cost Saving

Companies will save costs of hiring the new recruits by rather promoting internally and will save the time for the induction and orientation process. The current employee already understands the culture and there’s little adjustment time necessary.

  1. Global Career Shift

The career needs in the global business environment is shifting and for both business and individuals to stay relevant and be marketable, it is necessary to stay current with new skills to meet the demands of the the workplace.

  1. Employee Engagement

Progress means happier employees in the long term, one of the human needs is the need for variety and if this is not present in a career, boredom and career fatigue sets in and employees become disengaged.

  1. Brand Reputation

Complacency is a term that is used when it comes to being satisfied but experiencing no growth. If you have been in the same role doing the same work and not seeing any growth in your earnings and in your responsibilities, then as an individual, not only your confidence in your ability to do a new role decreases but also the likelihood of being hired into another organisation. The effect on the organization where you are currently hired,  also is negative and companies that are complacent when it comes to training their staff will also result in a poor brand reputation for the company and not be an employer of choice. 

  1. Power Teams

There is nothing better than being part of a power team that drives forward with enthusiasm and energy. When you look around your office and see how everyone around you is striving to be better and move and go places, this creates a dynamic energy in the business and the ripple effect goes all the way to the customers experience.

As an manager of people, it is important to see people grow in your organization and reach their career potential, help your team realize that they need a career path for their own happiness, future and mostly to see growth in the company employee skills. The more skills your team has the better the service offering will be to the customer.

If you find yourself in a situation where you are limiting your own growth. Take the following actions:

  • Speak to a career consultant or industrial psychologist for guidance.
  • Do tests to discover your strengths and aptitude.
  • Speak to your manager about training you can attend.
  • Speak to your Human Resources department about current positions available and work towards filling that position.

Broaden your horizons and start putting a plan together for your own career growth and progression.

Written by Lead Your Brand Communications




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