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The Benefits of a Wellness Program in Business

Stress levels on each individual in the workplace have increased, this is due to pressures resulting from technology, the poor performance in economic environment, shareholder returns, financial debt and family matters in the home environments.

As a company, A.T.A have decided to focus on employee wellness not only on the physical wellness of employees but as industrial psychologists, we are planning to address every area of a person’s wellness (Physical, Mental, Intellectual, Financial, Emotional and Spiritual). The various areas of wellness will address the following:

  • Physical – Getting active and feeling more energetic
  • Intellectual – Understanding your thought patterns for positive results
  • Emotional – Enjoying life despite the adversities faced
  • Spiritual – Finding more meaning and purpose in life
  • Financial – Managing your money better

These areas of wellness impact each employee in the workplace. The benefits of focusing on employee wellness are countless but below are the four main benefits that are highlighted. The 5 benefits of a wellness program:

  1. Absenteeism

The healthier each employee becomes through understanding their measurements and levels of nutrition, absenteeism is reduced because people are less likely to be sick when they are checking items such as cholesterol levels regularly and taking the correct intake of healthy foods.

  1. Team Morale

Each team member that is actively involved in the program improves the company morale by participating in team activities to improve themselves and the interventions and wellness days all contribute to team activities and team success.

  1. Employee Engagement

As each employee starts to focus on their own wellness and well-being they start to encourage others at work to live a more active and healthier lifestyle, their outlook becomes more positive and this is a result of changing thoughts and behaviours.

  1. Productivity

The higher levels of energy and health experienced by employees, the more focused people are to get more done. They are more productive at work and mental concentration increases as they build resilience through new exercise activities.

“Wellness is a state of being.”

We encourage you to get a wellness program started in your business. For guidance on employee wellness contact A.T.A today.A healthier business environment will impact your employees to lead better lives and enhance the business performance.

Written  by Lead Your Brand Communications




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