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6 Ways to Create a Culture of Engaged Employees

Imagine what a company with engaged employees would look like, it would be a positive, fun, uplifting culture with people committed to the company and passionate about their work – this may seem like an unrealistic scenario considering what most companies are like today but the good news is that it can be possible for companies, if they are conscious in their efforts of engagement and focused on creating this type of culture.

For HR Managers in particular this is one of the top priorities for the company because of the positive impacts it has. The more engaged the people, the better the conditions for employment, attracting new employees and also increase in productivity which impacts performance.

What is employee engagement?

The formal definition of employee engagement is the relationship between the company and its employees. An employee that is described as being fully absorbed and enthusiastic about work and will enhance the reputation and interest of the company in a positive way.

Things like upgrading the cafeteria with more healthy snacks, arranging fun events, playing music in the office or having a games room may all contribute to a better work environment but it goes much deeper than than that, to have truly engaged and committed people in the organisation needs more input from leadership.

We have listed a few keys areas of focus to create a more engaged culture within your company.

Celebrate People

Companies tend to say employees are the biggest assets but actions are not always reflective of this, perks may contribute to employee engagement but celebrating and appreciating your staff is more valuable to creating a culture of engagement. When employees leave the office on a daily basis how many times as a manger or leader do you say a simple “thank you for the work done today”. Show you care about your employees & celebrate their contribution to making the company results a success.

Create a Strong ‘Why ’

The leaders set the tone for the organization and communicate the vision for clarity to every employee, it not only gives employees direction but adds meaning to why they do what they do. The purpose and vision is what motivates employees to make a difference. If employees understand how their job or work fits into the why, bigger picture or vision of the company then their contribution is not futile but meaningful.

Employee Ownership

Empower your employees to take ownership in their roles, they will value that you trust them enough to make decisions and they not only work for the company but they are apart of moving the company forward with input and insight

Circle of Trust

Transparency in communication from leaders also impact engagement. When employees realize that leaders are sharing information and keeping them informed, they are included and trusted. Keeping employees in the dark or only sharing information that leaders feel is necessary often leads to rumors and disengaged employees

Growth Path

The ivy journal mentioned that ‘a critical task for a leader is to create conditions for employees to unleash their potential’ – a growth path is one of the keys to have employees who are committed to growing with a company as they grow their own careers and skill sets, without this path for growth there is little motivation to do more and little passion in what they are doing as boredom sets in and possible negativity as a result

Value Ideas

Have a culture that promotes ideas. Ideas that get taken seriously and implemented, not only create innovation within the company but also encourage creativity and employees understand that their input and contribution is valued.

What is the best way to start to create a culture of engaged employees?

Our suggestion is to start with employee surveys. The idea is to understand what level of engagement exists and to ask relevant questions then take action on the suggestions given and give valuable feedback on the results of the survey.

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