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What if I train people and they leave?
Well, what if you don't train them and they stay?

Human Resource Training


The 8-day training will equip you with a good understanding of the HR function as an HR Manager. It gives you the skills to manage talent, recruit talent, and understand labour relations and performance within the organisation.

Day 1: Recruitment Skills

Day 2 Performance Management and Development (PMD) Process

Day 3 Labour Relations

Day 4: Talent Management

Day 5: Talent Management

Day 6: Interview & Communication Skills

Day 7: Chairing a Meeting

Day 8: Employment Relations


  • Understand the recruitment and selection, job profiling as well as reference checking
  • Understand the Performance Management and Development Process (PMD)
  • Understand the employment rights for Labour Relations
  • Understand the best practices for Talent Management and who the role of stakeholders
  • Understand the interview process and communication skills
  • Understand the how to chairing a meeting for successful outcomes
  • Understand the agreements in employee relations and the role of policies and procedures


8 Days

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