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Ways to support Mental Health in the workplace

“Every 40 seconds a life is lost to suicide.” – WHO

On 10 October, each year is World Mental Health Day and the theme or focus is on “suicide prevention” in 2019.  According to the WHO (World Health Organisation), “every 40 seconds a life is lost to suicide” and there is more than 800,000 deaths by suicide per year with the most affected age being fifteen to twenty-nine.

Various factors can affect mental health at work, it could be caused directly by work-related aspects or non-work related aspects but it impacts productivity.

According to the Health and Safety Executive, mental health is all about “how we think, feel and behave”.

What can you do to make a difference and take action to prevent suicide? Here are a few ideas to get started:


Pay attention to the friends, family and colleagues around you and the way they are behaving and what they are saying. What they say and do often are signs to an unhealthy mental state. There are ways to recognize behaviours, from Very Well Mindonline, such as giving away possessions, telling you they feel like a burden to society, withdrawing from activities and even extreme changes in mood are signs that something is wrong. Listen to the person and give them time to express how they are feeling.


Encourage them to speak to someone who is more experienced in psychology or a trusted counselor and who can help them to find more meaning in the situation and to gain a new perspective. Often the root cause or underlying problem of the suicidal thoughts is from abuse either emotionally or physically and this may be the situation that needs a solution.


Promote a workplace culture that encourages people to live a healthy active life by introducing activities such as walks or start a book club that has books that talk about positive psychology and to start the conversation to reduce the stigma of depression. Promote work life balance and not over working to reduce stress, the environment should be positive and supportive.

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