Sales Management

Improve Your Sales Skills For Growth

The role of a sales person is an important one for any company, the salesperson is usually the most important experience of your brand and product that the customer will encounter.  A sales person creates value by sharing knowledge on products or services, listening to understand the customer needs, gathering information and presenting the right solution at the right time for the prospect.

The sales process is ‘a system or process that needs to be followed and steps that can be repeated that result in a sale’.  The sales process involves generating leads, qualifying the lead, communicating value, sharing knowledge for understanding, service delivery and customer support to make sure that the experience is consistent and excellent.

The role of a salesperson is to sell and the performance is usually measured on the number of units linked to customer experience. If the aim is to sell then what process are you following to ensure sales on a daily basis?

Invest your time in understanding the buying process and customer journey of decision making, when you understand this then you will also understand what the customer needs at the various stages and because you are able to meet their needs you are able to experience growth.

The customer journey has 5 stages. Problem recognition (the prospect recognises the need), Information search (the prospect inquires); Evaluate alternatives (the prospect compares); Purchase (the decision is made to purchase); Post purchase behaviour (the prospect will be satisfied or dissatisfied)

A sales person you can influence the prospects decision making at any one of these 5 stages including stage 5 and can determine if the client will be do repeat business.

Top sales people are people who are like-able, have resilience, listen to understand, communicate well and are able to solve problems quickly.

Improving your sales skills by focusing on the following:

  • Have a plan for the day: Map out your day, know what your day will consist of. How many people will you call? How many people will you help who walk through the door? When will you call these people? What does your day consist of? Is this plan in place?
  • Customer focus: Learn as much as you can about you customer in the short space of time by asking the right questions to ascertain needs. Great questions to gain clarity usually starts with the W’s “What? Where? When? Who and How? “
  • Attitude: Improve your like-ability by having a friendly attitude and being the first to greet customers as they walk into the dealership or office.
  • Relationships: Build relationships with your customers for repeat sales, and also the team that supports you in sales (Finance & Insurance Manager/ your Sales Manager)
  • Productivity: Your input produces your output, sometimes it’s not about the hours you work but what you put into the hours that will produce the results and sales that you want.
  • Process: Understand the process the customer goes through in making a purchase decision and work the process to see the results.
  • Resilience: Have grit and follow up each prospect and inquiry.

Being in sales is one of the most difficult roles to be in, based on how people may treat you based on your position in the company but it is one of the most important roles in any company, without you there would be no customers for the company. You add the experience of the brand with your helpfulness and interaction and you are the first face of the brand.

Our sales training course aims to equip employees with the necessary skills to effectively communicate the value of products & services to potential buyers. This is done by following a Strategic Sales Process.

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