What is the role of a Human Resources Manager within a business?

A Human Resources Manager plays a vital role in the organisation because their main area of responsibility is the strategic management of people within the organisation.

The role of the Human Resources manager is the strategic management of people and it is a role that requires knowledge on the following areas:

  • Recruitment and Talent Management
  • Training
  • Career Development
  • Employee relations and conflict resolution
  • Payroll and rewards
  • The employer brand and culture

People management, in specific employees, make the business work and employees are the essential key to serving your customers. Happy and satisfied customers are more likely to do repeat business and increase the profitability of the business.

Finding and hiring the right people that fit your organisational culture is a critical function. The right culture certainly has an effect on the performance of the business. Not only do you as an Human Resource manager need to find the people that are the right culture fit and who have the right skills but you have to anticipate and communicate with the business and the leadership team to determine what human resources are needed for the most productive days.

Training the employees and developing their skills also form part of the role which is key to personal employee satisfaction and performance .

In summary, the role of a Human Resource manager comprises of being part of the business as a partner, identify and anticipate changes or gaps and be an employee advocate.

In the past, the Human Resources department served an administrative role and a centre of support, however the changes in business today require that the Human Resources department be more of a business partner that provides strategic value across the various functions mentioned in this post.

The Human Resources department and leadership need to step in to conflict situations to make sure that workflow is not disrupted and ensure that people in the company are happy and productive. Conflict can disrupt the organisation by causing absenteeism, turnover and the legal risk.

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