Solutions to Positively Impact the Manufacturing Industry

This post explores and highlights the current Manufacturing Industry  and opportunities in South Africa and helps us to gain a better understanding of the impact on the economic growth.

Excellent insights are shared on the  SouthAfricanMarketInsights online platform regarding the manufacturing industry and the current under-utilization and how the industry is not running at full capacity due to a number of contributing factors. One factor that influences the training industry specifically is the mentioned 1% skilled labour which presents an opportunity to train and up-skill more of the manufacturing workforce particularly in the petrol, chemical, rubber and plastics sector . The transport equipment sector is a high income generator however there more employment opportunities for skilled workers exists.

According to McKinseyonline Manufacturing remains a critical aspect in the economy  of any country and the ability to export manufactured goods has positive impacts for the country and economic growth, decreasing the unemployment rate and increasing productivity.

EconomicsHelp online shared that by having a focus on increasing the demand for exporting of quality manufactured goods helps with competitiveness and exchange rate all impact the economic growth and employment as well as bring about innovations in the industry.

Exporting creates an opportunity for more employment and skilled workers and the more skilled workers in this sector, the higher the level of quality goods and this has a positive ripple effect on the manufacturing industry and increases demand of exports which is low currently in the industry.

SouthAfricanMarketInsights named a few reasons for the slow growth of the industry  is due to increased fuel pricing, electricity interruptions and the weak domestic demand of manufactured goods. The positive side is that this can be improved with adequate solutions.

The solutions to positively impact the economy positively to start by up-skilling with training solutions and gaps that exist due to the brain drain of skills. To start increasing the demand to export manufactured goods instead of raw materials and have a more consistent and reliable source of electricity with less interruptions.

To summarise, let’s be part of the solution to increase the growth in the manufacturing industry by being part of:

  1. Up-skilling through manufacturing training solutions
  2. Producing quality goods to export
  3. Supporting locally manufactured goods
  4. Increasing the demand for exporting

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