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Our part to play in the South African Business Industry

The [ SONA] State of the Nation Address 2020 is when we as a business in the country need to reflect and pay attention to the focus areas for business growth and the part we play. The address sets forth the direction for the way forward for decision making and opportunities to serve in the business market.

The reason we are in business is to make a difference and the slogan “Together we move South Africa forwards” is a worthy focus area. It is our responsibility as leaders to be part of the solution and work towards being a solution driven company.

A.T.A is in the business of finding the right training and human resource solutions for our clients, to grow the economy for a better society. As a level 2 BBBEE company, A.T.A have committed to the transformation of business in South Africa.

The SONA 2020 address, mentioned the development of bargaining structures to promote Agile Manufacturing, this statement caught our attention because that’s the space we work in namely training, people and the manufacturing industry.

You may be asking what the difference is between Lean and Agile Manufacturing?

In short, Lean Manufacturing is about eliminating waste and is about manufacturing on demand whereas Agile Manufacturing is more about collaboration and the ability to respond to change quickly which would make sense in the environment we work in today. To read more about the differences, click here.

At A.T.A it is our mindset to be part of the solution, to promote growth and to continue to play our part together to keep moving South Africa Forwards.

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